About Us- Who we are

        Relaxika is an certificated alternative massage therapy center that combines ancient and modern sciences

 to recover the mind and body of our

guest as a "Tailor made" treatment,

adjusting the room environment,

lights, music, oils, massage techniques

 for the best and maximum result of revital.

Art, science, and techniques from all around

 the world are applied, mixed and create

a "signature" treatment that makes it a rare procedure,

 as unique is the body, the personality

and the needs of our quests. 

Relaxika signature massage 90 min duration

is the full treatment and the most effective

massage therapy.

A full body massage Head to Toe

that includes techniques from ancient Greece,

 China, India, Native America till

 thinner electromagnetic effects like static electricity

 , bio-clock balance(jet lag), Physiotherapy, Chiropractic,

 Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Lymph Drainage,

 Sound and smell Activation,

 Motivation of Immune system and Antitoxin effects,

we expecting You !! A new ingredient to 

apply an Art and Create what we can call

"a product".

We invite you to Test us and Evaluate us.